Sunday, August 23, 2009


don't hate me,
but I'm moving my blog back
to myspace...

for all it's faults, it serves
the purpose a little better...

I'll leave this up a while though...

might turn it into something different.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shows are still happening...

I've been watching
a few shows lately
that I've enjoyed

why not share?

what is a blog if not the sharing
of interesting things?

on the left side of my screen 
is 'californication'
which is a showtime show
about a smart ass writer
who is screwing his way through
one blunder after another....

waiting later
and thank God that Esteban
has toned his accent down a hair...
I was about to bail

and then there is the new obsession
'rescue me'

just when I think there will be no more
shows worth watching...

and I admit I entered
a vague mourning period
when the sopranos went off
of the air...

and the one and only time
I've ever thought a journey song
was appropriate was at the season 

I've lost my point
I'm watching david duchovany steal
a dog named cat stevens....

back to whatever it is I was doing

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pitch dark

the streets of ada are safe 
and quiet...
at least they were at 10:30 p.m.

I took the old longboard 
out for a skate through town
to get a little exercise

I don't mind exercise if it feels
like goofing off

skateboarding takes me back to 
that feeling of being a kid on a bike
and not thinking about anything
but just looking down at the ground
and up at the buildings
and tonight it was the stars

I tell ya,
flying down a hill in the pitch dark
is a little unnerving 
but I felt 
very much alive 

now I'm back in the basement
trying to decide which way to go...
finish cleaning up the tile job 
I did in the kitchen?
finish painting the cabinets?
burn shit?
shoot shit?

it could go a number of ways

through the power of facebook 
I've recently come in contact with 
a few old friends from my nashville days

there were only a handful of people
that I ran across that I felt where truly 
in it for the music

I was slightly disillusioned by the 
number of people that could care less
about music and made it their business


tonight I toast them...

you know who you are

I'm getting pretty damn 
close to figuring out 
who I am too...


been enjoying reading
john steinbeck lately

started with "tortilla flat"
liked that and 
got "the pearl"...

liked that 
and now I'm about halfway through
"the winter of our discontent"

he cracked me up this evening
commenting on the way women
interact with each other

woman 1: what have you done with your hair? it 
                  looks like a wig.
woman2: it is a wig.
woman 1: well, you could never tell.

his books are so full of 
insight on the human condition
each page
holds a number of truths

I found this quote:
A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it. 

perty wise fella...

Monday, August 17, 2009

school days

picked up the kids from their 
first day of school

fifth and first grade

mass confusion
kids crying
teacher confirming things through walkie talkies

it was like busting someone
out of a minimum security prison

I was walking down a hallway
and a lady barked at me 
that I was entering a "restricted area"

got to me to thinking about
my own experiences in the fifth grade

we had an "open campus" 
at noon

we would cross a busy highway
to granny stephen's fried chicken
or head up town to this place
that sold fish and ice cream

what a combo...

guess this is turning into
one of those 'when I was a kid' tales

times were different 
I guess

underneath a truck tire
was about the only 'restricted area' 
we had  

my youngest did learn a pretty
cool trick in science today

poking pencils through a bag
filled with water

all home safe and sound
and the quietness of the house
in the afternoon was not lost on me

Thursday, August 13, 2009

off again

stillwater, stillwater...

what a great acoustic show

some dude came up and told me
he first saw me play when he was 
six years old

that'll make you feel a little bit older

my kind of gig,
just loud enough to be relaxing
and enough people singing along
to make me feel alright

now it's back to the basement
for one more night 
of puttering around,
sniping camel crickets 
(one down by the way..clean shot
while he was on a dead hop)

tomorrow we load up the van
and tiny tom skinner...
recently back from the dead

and head to one of my favorite
irish pubs in wichita falls
the iron horse

I'm itchin' to play full tilt boogie
and sooo thankful tom will be with us

after that we head down to 
midland, texas to the hog pit

got a fresh battery for my camera

got a new pair of shorts

got a spring in my step

now it's time to clean off 
this amazingly cluttered desk
and start sorting through 
some left foot sally tracks

finishing them up at trent bell's
place at the end of semptember

I've had quite a few days off here
lately and I'm ready to get back to 

it's a great thing when you love your job

Monday, August 10, 2009

mr. tinker train

"ever day I work on the illinois river,
I get a half a day off with pay..."

that line has been stuck in my 
head all day long...
thanks turnpike troubadours..

sitting here listening to some of
their mixes I got back from hardy

it's a really cool album

about halfway done on
the mixing side of things...
which is easy for me

I just sit and wait
and then listen

let's review:
1. sit
2. wait
3. listen

my kind of gig

and all of the time in between
I get to spend kicking it 
with the kiddos or watching
csi somewhere or other with my wife

although lately
I'm starting to become 
obsessed with "cricket sniping"

I bought a pellet gun
down at k. rhynes surplus
here in ada

(if you haven't been you should)

it's a one shot pump

I just blew one to pieces
a minute ago

nasty little bastards

all is quiet here in the basement
and I really should be recording 
music, but just haven't felt 
the urge

I dug out some old tunes
the other day 
I had recorded here and there

but I have trouble going 
back to something
once I've moved on

that 'fresh' factor
gives me a little bump

I guess I could turn on 
the drum machine
and grab an instrument 
and see what happens

something usually does

I've sniped long enough
and I've almost talked myself
into tinkering...