Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new place


yep, this is the new blog spot

the place where I can spew
my two cents worth of random
babble out to whoever cares to read it...

and I'm glad that you do

gives me something to do
in the late hours
when all are asleep around here
and I just want to type about 
whatever crosses my mind

I hang out in the basement of 
my old house most of the time

it was built in 1934
and sits on four acres of thick trees
in the middle of town

four or five blocks
to the post office

that's about the only place I go
besides the wal-mart
and then only in the wee hours 
of the morning if I can help it

I dig it down here underground,
and I've even grown used to the 
camel crickets that lurk
and have survived a bite 
from a brown recluse

I have a studio down here
that I record bands
and my own music

it is my shrine to all things wacky
and random

from where I sit I can see:

a tanya tucker autographed alligator head

a moses bass

a pair of nunchakus (numchucks for the okie)

a dia de las muertos figurine

a knife in the wall

a cane with a sword in it

three rifles

a kick drum

a sombrero

a mr. wrestling two mask

a picture of my grandpa in WW2

where was I ?

see? no order...

who needs it?



a friend of mine today
told me he might paint a mural 
of me as a two-headed centaur
battling lions

I told him I would trade him 
out studio time

I love shit like that

my friend mr. hardy 
and I once scored some music
for a dude that has a five tiger act

we call him "tiger dude"

I love THAT...

keeps me
turning into
something other than I am

I have a low threshold for boredom
and I like the quote
"only a boring person gets bored."

my kids HATE that...

I'm thinking about going to the wal-mart
and buying some turquoise spray paint
and jacking up the studio kitchen with it

thanks for stopping by