Saturday, August 1, 2009

if the cat's are a knocking

well, it took some doing 
to get to poplar, bluff

pulled over by the highway patrol
and questioned about an altercation
on the highway...

apparently we moved over into someone
else's lane and they felt obliged to 
call the police on is...

we were questioned and then let go

the car that called it in was sitting behind
us with a 'jesus' license plate on the
front of his car

now I ask, "is this what jesus would do?"

there was some confusion about 
the p.a. at the club and we basically had to build 
one from scratch...

halfway through I was thinking, there
is no way this will work...

but work it did and the show 
came off without a hitch

later in the night I heard a meowing at 
my hotel door and opened it 
and let a little cat in...

he would not stay off of my laptop
but kept cracking me up anyway...
so I let him stay the night with us

he finally conked out on the floor

tonight we return to the outland ballroom
in springfield, missouri