Thursday, July 30, 2009

blast off

leaving the basement in a few
and start heading toward poplar bluff, mo

playing at a place called scooter's two

any time a word ends with the ooo sound
I can help but want to add 
electric boogaloo to the end of it

check it out:
scooter's two: electric boogaloo

I always picture the colon
there in my mind 

if you didn't ever see 
the bad ass break dancing movie
in the 80's then you may not be
down with "electric boogaloo"

your loss...

I've blown out one of my monitors
again in the studio
so I'm listening to everything 
on headphones until I can figure
out how to fix the damn thing

two trips to radio shack
for fuses...slow blow fuses

something else is hosed

I'm listening to boston's
"don't look back"

I just turned and looked
behind me

blast off time
t minues 51 minutes