Thursday, July 30, 2009

joplin, mo

I slept in the van from
tulsa to joplin, mo

the shortest distance between
two towns
is unconscious
in the seat laying down

woke up in the parking lot
of a motel six

'it's all part...of my rock and roll fantasy'

rolling on into poplar bluff 

sooner or later I'm going to 
HAVE to start learning some 
of the new songs off of 'onion'

some people just can't believe
that I don't know some of the songs
I've written and recorded

it's a strange process

usually I write one and then 
very soon I record a basic rough
of the song

then I send it down to mr. hardy
in houston town and he adds instruments
to it...and programs a drum beat

by the time it's all said and done
I haven't played the song in over 
three or four months...

I still don't know a bunch of my songs



put the last touches on the turnpike troubadour
record this week...joe is mixing it 
and I'm anxious to hear how it will turn out

I really love their songs

there is also a cd joe and I did together
for shut down town 
that is coming out in the next week or so
called 'flush'

very proud of that one too...

yes, yes