Friday, August 7, 2009

home again

it's been a crazy few days...

skinner had a heart-attack
while I was out on my acoustic run
and had to be shocked back to life

but, you can't keep a good man 
down and he's already wanting to 
get out of bed and do something

that really scared me...
I love Tom so much

he's been a teacher and friend
to a ton of us musicians
and taught me more about playing than anyone

but it looks like he's doing fine

blew a smoke ring in dealer death's face
and came back to jam a little longer

the wife and I had good time
running up and down the highway
together over the last few days
playing acoustic gigs along the way
and eating way too much...

sometimes it's necessary for 
husband and wife to hang out 
without the kiddos every once in 

to get to know each other again...

and yep,
after 13 years together

I still dig her.