Friday, August 7, 2009

the end of everything

got the basement roaring with 
life once again

big fan whirring behind me,
printer going full steam ahead,
shoving cd's into packets...
tracking down addresses

sending files down to houston

trying to burrow my way
down to a clean spot on the desk

just a minute ago
a scene from yesterday popped
into my head

my wife and I were standing on
guadalupe street in austin

we had just crossed the street
from the cactus cafe
over to our car

I could hear this guy coming
before I saw him

he was on a bicycle 
and was shouting at the top of his
"this is the end of everything!
this is the end of everything!"

full blown schizo style...

everyone one the sidewalk 
stopped and watched the 
madman as he pedaled by us
proclaiming immenent doom

"this is the end of everything!"

someone has thought that 
very thing since day one...