Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pitch dark

the streets of ada are safe 
and quiet...
at least they were at 10:30 p.m.

I took the old longboard 
out for a skate through town
to get a little exercise

I don't mind exercise if it feels
like goofing off

skateboarding takes me back to 
that feeling of being a kid on a bike
and not thinking about anything
but just looking down at the ground
and up at the buildings
and tonight it was the stars

I tell ya,
flying down a hill in the pitch dark
is a little unnerving 
but I felt 
very much alive 

now I'm back in the basement
trying to decide which way to go...
finish cleaning up the tile job 
I did in the kitchen?
finish painting the cabinets?
burn shit?
shoot shit?

it could go a number of ways

through the power of facebook 
I've recently come in contact with 
a few old friends from my nashville days

there were only a handful of people
that I ran across that I felt where truly 
in it for the music

I was slightly disillusioned by the 
number of people that could care less
about music and made it their business


tonight I toast them...

you know who you are

I'm getting pretty damn 
close to figuring out 
who I am too...