Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shows are still happening...

I've been watching
a few shows lately
that I've enjoyed

why not share?

what is a blog if not the sharing
of interesting things?

on the left side of my screen 
is 'californication'
which is a showtime show
about a smart ass writer
who is screwing his way through
one blunder after another....

waiting later
and thank God that Esteban
has toned his accent down a hair...
I was about to bail

and then there is the new obsession
'rescue me'

just when I think there will be no more
shows worth watching...

and I admit I entered
a vague mourning period
when the sopranos went off
of the air...

and the one and only time
I've ever thought a journey song
was appropriate was at the season 

I've lost my point
I'm watching david duchovany steal
a dog named cat stevens....

back to whatever it is I was doing