Monday, August 17, 2009

school days

picked up the kids from their 
first day of school

fifth and first grade

mass confusion
kids crying
teacher confirming things through walkie talkies

it was like busting someone
out of a minimum security prison

I was walking down a hallway
and a lady barked at me 
that I was entering a "restricted area"

got to me to thinking about
my own experiences in the fifth grade

we had an "open campus" 
at noon

we would cross a busy highway
to granny stephen's fried chicken
or head up town to this place
that sold fish and ice cream

what a combo...

guess this is turning into
one of those 'when I was a kid' tales

times were different 
I guess

underneath a truck tire
was about the only 'restricted area' 
we had  

my youngest did learn a pretty
cool trick in science today

poking pencils through a bag
filled with water

all home safe and sound
and the quietness of the house
in the afternoon was not lost on me