Thursday, August 13, 2009

off again

stillwater, stillwater...

what a great acoustic show

some dude came up and told me
he first saw me play when he was 
six years old

that'll make you feel a little bit older

my kind of gig,
just loud enough to be relaxing
and enough people singing along
to make me feel alright

now it's back to the basement
for one more night 
of puttering around,
sniping camel crickets 
(one down by the way..clean shot
while he was on a dead hop)

tomorrow we load up the van
and tiny tom skinner...
recently back from the dead

and head to one of my favorite
irish pubs in wichita falls
the iron horse

I'm itchin' to play full tilt boogie
and sooo thankful tom will be with us

after that we head down to 
midland, texas to the hog pit

got a fresh battery for my camera

got a new pair of shorts

got a spring in my step

now it's time to clean off 
this amazingly cluttered desk
and start sorting through 
some left foot sally tracks

finishing them up at trent bell's
place at the end of semptember

I've had quite a few days off here
lately and I'm ready to get back to 

it's a great thing when you love your job