Saturday, August 8, 2009


dusted off that treadmill
that was purchased about a year ago
and used 

I'm going to make a permanent place
for it

I've found if you have to work 
to get your work out place ready
then it gives you just one more excuse
in an already flimsy world

I go in cycles all of the time

I'll eat healthy and then move
around a bit, ride a skateboard...


out of the blue...

I'll start eating everything in sight
and laying on the couch
and getting into t.v. shows 
that are terrible but they promote
laying on the couch...

I've got my computer hooked up 
to a couple of klipsch speakers
because I blew one of my monitors...

they are off to the right of me 
and it's kind of weirding me out

they are sitting in the spot
where the treadmill is going to go

I am procrastination 
in progress
fully documented

I am also sitting here feeling very thankful
that my friend tom is going to be o.k.

that thought alone
has made me smile more than 
I have in a long while

we take the best for granted sometimes...

and to repeat the words of bob childers
on my voice message when my daughter 
was in the hospital with a tumor....

"miracles happen every day."