Saturday, August 8, 2009


not really in the mood for sleep

I slept half of the trip home
as my road dogging wife 
wo-manned the wheel

sitting here listening to 
the shut down town cd

spent about two hours 
convinced that the reason 
one of the speakers wasn't working
was because of my "big knob" 
(the part that tells everything where to go)

after that two hours passed
I reached back and wiggled 
a connector and they both popped on

I haven't changed a whole lot 
come to figure

I've still got a drawer full of flat-heads
when I'm trying to find a phillips

but I'm back in the "stereo" business

and I've fried another monitor 
due to excessive volume

my wife's quote:

"well, if you didn't play that damn
age of empires game cranked up
that wouldn't happen."

that's why I can't have nice things

the squirrels and I 

I've cleared a hole 
out of the middle of my space
and I'm about to start swinging outwards
into wherever 

some of you 
oughta duck