Sunday, August 9, 2009

full frontal coverage

it's late...
I know...

finally got the studio
cleaned up and quasi-functional

still haven't been motivated
enough to write any new

figure they will present
themselves when I got 
something to say

and tonight
I'm just hanging out

spent the evening hanging 
with the kiddos

baking cookies and playing 
video games...

they were trying to teach me
how to play super mario cart
on the wii...

reminded of me of trying 
to teach my dad how to play
donkey kong on my colleco vision
when I was a kid

he would jump that monkey
straight into the lake
every time...

being a gamer,
I got the hang of it and smoked
both of them

I like to stick my hand 
directly in front of their face
when I win
and say:
"face! full frontal coverage."

we talk a lot of shit 
here in this little clan o' mine

I've been veggin' all day
and stockpiling envelopes
to hit the post office with 
in the afternoon tomorrow

onions for all
and for all
a good night