Monday, August 10, 2009

mr. tinker train

"ever day I work on the illinois river,
I get a half a day off with pay..."

that line has been stuck in my 
head all day long...
thanks turnpike troubadours..

sitting here listening to some of
their mixes I got back from hardy

it's a really cool album

about halfway done on
the mixing side of things...
which is easy for me

I just sit and wait
and then listen

let's review:
1. sit
2. wait
3. listen

my kind of gig

and all of the time in between
I get to spend kicking it 
with the kiddos or watching
csi somewhere or other with my wife

although lately
I'm starting to become 
obsessed with "cricket sniping"

I bought a pellet gun
down at k. rhynes surplus
here in ada

(if you haven't been you should)

it's a one shot pump

I just blew one to pieces
a minute ago

nasty little bastards

all is quiet here in the basement
and I really should be recording 
music, but just haven't felt 
the urge

I dug out some old tunes
the other day 
I had recorded here and there

but I have trouble going 
back to something
once I've moved on

that 'fresh' factor
gives me a little bump

I guess I could turn on 
the drum machine
and grab an instrument 
and see what happens

something usually does

I've sniped long enough
and I've almost talked myself
into tinkering...